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In the Student Spotlight

October, 2020
Spotlight on students earning a position in the 2020-21 TMEA Region 33 Orchestras

This is the first year for most of our Northland students to participate in TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association). We had 14 students earn a spot after auditioning virtually against more than 400 students in Region 33 public schools. Although there will not be a clinic/concert this year, placing in the HS Symphony Orchestra will allow these students to audition for TMEA All State Orchestra. Students will also have the opportunity to audition for TPSMEA (private school) later this year. Their talent and hard work are to be commended. Congratulations to all!!

MS Philarmonic
Pictured above: Makena Elswick, Greg Lincoln, and Colton Holiday

MS Symphony
Pictured above: Marian Mann, Natalie Bohannon, Samantha Hearn*, Danielle Danso, and Maggie Mann
* Placed in the Top 10

HS Philharmonic
Pictured above: Abbie Wietstruck*, Angela Vu*, Samantha Miller, and Christina Vigil*
*Placed in the Top 10

HS Symphony
Pictured above: Madeleine Hearn** and Julia Hearn*
* Placed in the Top 10, ** Placed 1st in section




September, 2020

Congrats to the participants of Northland's Elementary Summer Reading Program! Students who participated received a certificate, and the top reader in each grade level received a certificate, reading medal, and a $15 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble!

1st grade
Kinder/Leap: Charis George (top reader), Olivia Marble, Anna Goosby, Lillian Jabori (not pictured)
1st grade
1st Grade: Jayden Diaz, Jace Sifuentes, Alex Martinez, Liam Wendt, Jack Marble (top reader)

2nd Grade
2nd Grade: Blake Varghese, Arianna Jimenez, Quinton McCaskill (top reader), Collin Wendt

3rd grade
3rd Grade: Cailey Owens, Gabriel George (top reader), Jonathan Jabori (not pictured), Natalie Jabori (not pictured)

4th grade
4th Grade: Sebastian Lazcano (top reader)

5th Grade: Grace Jabori (top reader, not pictured)

August, 2020

Northland eighth grader Reagan Wilson is featured in the July/August issue of the Christian magazine For Girls Like You. Congratulations, Reagan!

Reagan Wilson