Read the Northland Christian COVID-19 Re-Opening Plan

I know that many of you have been wondering about Northland’s plans for the fall, especially since we announced last month our intention to start school on August 12.
Eric Wietstruck, Monica Lewis, James Van Hook, Dan Woods, and I have been working hard the past several weeks to develop the best plan for Northland. We have taken into account city and state recommendations, as well as recommendations by the CDC and the Texas Education Agency, and we have also considered the needs of the Northland Family.
It is our belief that the best way we can serve our students and community is by planning for modified on-campus learning beginning on August 12, with an option for online learning. Many families have come to me saying that they can no longer do online learning with their kids, whether because of the demands of their jobs or simply because their kids need the support of an in-person class. Other families have told me that they cannot risk putting their child back in the classroom right now because of family health issues.
After much thought and prayer, we have put together extensive protocols that will allow us to open campus as safely as possible. We have also asked our faculty and staff to go above and beyond, once again, in order to accommodate families who cannot return to campus.
As you know, health recommendations are changing almost daily, so we will continue to adapt our protocols as needed, but this is the plan that we have put in place initially to allow us to reopen on August 12 and to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 spreading on our campus.
This video will give you an overview of our plans for the fall, and you can find the detailed outline of Northland’s Reopening Plan 2020-21 linked below. If you have any questions about this plan, please contact our school principals Eric Wietstruck and Monica Lewis on 281-440-1060.

We ask that you please bear with us. This is a challenging time for all of us, and it’s going to take the full support of every member of the Northland community to make this plan work. Please be prepared to follow all of the guidelines we have established, and be prepared to adapt as we adapt to the ever-changing environment.
Please also be in prayer for Northland’s administration as we make these important decisions and for Northland’s faculty and staff as they adjust to this new format, especially since many of them have families of their own. We know that God is bigger than the coronavirus, and we know that we need his guidance now more than ever.
David Pruett
Head of School