2020 Northland Teacher Grant Recipients

2019-20 was an unexpected year for Northland, but we completed another successful school year, thanks to the dedication and commitment of Northland's talented and hardworking teachers.

Each year, the Northland Foundation awards grants for teachers to be able to fund special projects for their classes. It is a way to equip our teachers to enhance and improve the experience for our students.

We wish that we could have funded every request that we received, but we are pleased to announce this year’s teacher grant recipients:

Grant Winner: Julie Huff & Penny Rosas
Description: Mapping Higher Achievement
Amount: $2,148
Grant Winner: Mrs. Blossom
Description: Maker Space Fridays
Amount: $757
Grant Winner: Mr. Janney
Description: Cajon Hand Drum, mic, stand
Amount: $190
Grant Winner: Mrs. Hermsdorf
Description: Let's Get Analytical
Amount: $2,563
Grant Winner: Mrs. Blume, Mr. Mosley, Coach Bo, Mrs. Downey, & Mrs. Hermsdorf
Description: Scholastic Science World Magazine
Amount: $492
Grant Winner: Mrs. Wiley, Mrs. Tosh, Mrs. Laprarie, Mrs. McCathran, Mrs. Cano, & Mrs. Marble
Description: Multicultural
Amount: $1,907
Grant Winner: Mrs. McCathran, Mrs. Fischer, & Ms. Lemons
Description: Middle School Library
Amount: $1,500
Grant Winner: Mrs. Harmann & Mr. Gentry
Description: Classroom Bibles
Amount: $860
Grant Winner: Mrs. Tosh & Mrs. Toldan
Description: Lil Boots - The Adventure Continues
Amount: $825

In addition, each teacher who submitted a grant will also be awarded a $50 stipend, whether or not they received a grant this year.
Thank you to our fantastic teachers, and thank you to those who donated to allow the Foundation to continue this special tradition:
  • The Albiston Family
  • The Butler Family
  • The Canovas Family
  • Zane & Brady Carruth
  • Brittany & Adam Clark
  • Brett & Heather Edmonds
  • The Gilliland Family
  • Travis & Tiffany Hardwick
  • Donna & Greg Lawrence
  • David & Patty Pruett
We are excited to see the impact these gifts will make on our students in the 2020-21 school year!