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Applying to Northland

Northland Christian School, a co-educational, college-preparatory school, was founded in 1974. Northland currently enrolls approximately 500 students in preschool through 12th grade. The faculty is composed of dedicated, degreed Christian professionals. Many hold advanced degrees and are leaders in their fields of study.

apply nowWe thank you for your interest in applying to Northland Christian School and invite you to get started on your child's application.

Applicants for admission to Northland Christian School must furnish evidence that they are physically and emotionally fit, of good moral character, and academically capable. All applicants must:

  • complete all of the Northland Application Procedures; 
  • be eligible for re-enrollment in all schools previously attended; 
  • have not been suspended or expelled from school within the past twelve months; 
  • have no academic semester grade average lower than “75”; 
  • have acceptable conduct grades and work habits; 
  • score at or above the 50th percentile on the language/reading and math sections of the entrance examination; 
  • be free of severe learning or behavioral problems; 
  • not be coming directly from any type of rehabilitation program (i.e., drug, alcohol, behavior, mental, etc.);
  • be vaccinated according to the guidelines set by the state of Texas for childhood vaccinations. Non-medical waivers will not be accepted; 
  • agree to comply with all policies in the Parent-Student Handbook.

All new students will be accepted on behavioral and academic probation for a period of one calendar year. During this period, conduct and scholarship will be monitored closely. Continued enrollment is dependent upon acceptable levels of attendance, behavior, psychological maturity and academic achievement.

The appropriate admission committee will make any exception to the above-stated policies after a prayerful and thorough review of any mitigating circumstances.

Entrance Testing 

Entrance testing is an important tool used in the admission process. As the typical Northland Christian student is above average in intelligence and performance, this vehicle is used to ensure each applicant's potential for success. Our professional staff administers all testing. These tests are designed to measure academic ability and current skills levels. These results are used as a part of each applicant's profile in determining acceptance and/or placement. Diagnostic testing may be required.

Learning Challenges 

Northland Christian School is a college-preparatory school with extremely high academic standards. Consequently, it is very difficult for students who have learning challenges to function academically at Northland. We realize that the name Christian does not necessitate that we become all things to all people any more than a doctor who specializes in one type of surgery is expected to perform surgery for which she/he has not been trained. Therefore, it is our goal as a Christian school to ensure that every student who qualifies for admission will be successful. To accomplish this goal with students who have mild learning disabilities, Northland reserves the right to require parents to arrange and fund remediation services to supplement classroom instruction when the need is identified by our professional staff.

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