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Tuition Discounts

Sibling Tuition Discount

The oldest student in the family will pay full tuition. All siblings will be discounted 10% of his/her tuition. 

Alumni Discount

Students who are children of Northland graduates will receive a 10% alumni discount on tuition. This discount may not be combined with any other discounts. 

Minister’s Discount

Qualifying full-time employees of a local Christian church may be eligible to receive a  30% ministerial discount. This discount cannot be combined with any other discounts. 

Northland PK4 to Elementary Transition Discount

Students enrolled in the Northland PK4s program will be granted a one-time 5% discount to be applied towards Kindergarten or LEAP tuition. Monthly payments for those not paying tuition in full will commence in May. Families receiving a staff or minister’s discount are not eligible for the Transition Discount.  

New Family Referral Tuition Credit 

This credit is intended to encourage current families to refer new students to Northland. Only one current family will be credited for referring a new family. In order for the referring family to receive the $500 tuition credit, the New Family Referral form must be signed and dated by the new family and submitted with the new student’s Application for Admission. Once the new family has been enrolled for one semester, the referring family will receive the $500 tuition credit. This referral credit has no cash value, can be carried forward one year, and is non-transferable. Only one $500 tuition credit will be issued per new family and is intended only for new students entering Kindergarten through 12th grade. The following are not eligible to receive this credit: Northland faculty and staff, any family receiving tuition assistance or any family receiving a minister’s discount.

For information about applying for discounts, please contact Cathy Yerian at or 281-587-6404. 

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