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Academics at Northland

At Northland we strive to offer a 21st Century classroom by adopting an inquiry approach to learning with increased collaboration among students across divergent student groups. Project-based learning is integrated into the curriculum at each grade level in order to give students the opportunity to participate in authentic learning experiences ranging from experimentation or simulation to real-world problem solving. Instructional technology offers opportunities for multi-modal instruction, integration of content, and teaching that reaches diverse learners and compliments instruction.

Elementary students are using iPads and MacBooks as they interactively conduct research in Aha! Science. Even at their young ages, they are analyzing, comparing and contrasting complex concepts, fully engaging their critical thinking skills to evaluate the topic and make decisions. In the same way, our Secondary students are skillfully employing technology tools to analyze multi-faceted information, after which they engage their higher-order thinking skills to create unique personal artifacts as their response to the ‘driving question’ in a project-based learning exercise.

At Northland, project-based learning and instructional technology are empowering each student and faculty member to bring global knowledge, expertise, and perspectives right into their classrooms, while at the same time allowing them to participate in shaping those resources as co-learners with global reach and influence. Through this process, Northland students achieve citizenship in the global community. 

Please visit each school's section of the website for detailed academic information.

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