Kristy Birney

Over the past 15 years, Kristy Birney has held a variety of leadership roles within the Hewlett-Packard Corporation, focused primarily on marketing and business operations. Her development and progress within this organization has led to her current position as Vice President of Organizational Performance, a position she began in December of 2014.

This is Kristy’s first seat on a board of directors and she hopes to utilize her business, marketing and operational skills to help advance the Foundation's objectives.

The association between Kristy's family and Northland Christian School began in 2013. Kayleigh was entering her first year of high school and Colin his first year of middle school. Kayleigh is now 16 and Colin is 13 and they will enter their third year at Northland in the fall.  

The decision to send Kayleigh and Colin to Northland was made based on several factors that were important to their Christian family. This included Northland’s spiritual doctrine and Biblical programs; an exemplary record for providing quality college-preparatory education; a belief in the need to drive students to reach their highest potential and better understand their God-given gifts in academics, athletics, and the fine arts; and a commitment to the relationship between family and academics.


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