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Purpose of Campaign

>> What is the purpose of the Capital Campaign?

The purpose of the Campaign is to raise funds for construction of a new “competition gymnasium,” of a new secondary facility, and renovation of the current secondary campus for elementary school use.  

Once completed, Northland will be consolidated on one, single campus, instead of two campuses as it is now. The map below shows planned new construction (red), to be renovated (blue), and current and planned athletic fields/facilities (green).

>> What is the financial goal for the Campaign?

We anticipate construction and renovation expenses to be between $10,000,000 and $11,000,000, and site preparation expenses to be approximately $1,000,000.  Northland plans to incur no long-term construction debt, only short-term financing as pledges are realized.

We are also raising funds for the “Endowment Forever Fund.”  Our goal for the Endowment affiliated with this Campaign is $1,000,000. 

>> What is the timeline for the Campaign?

The goal is to complete the Capital Campaign (fundraising and construction) by the year 2020.  Some donors are making one-time gifts, while other donors are making pledges for one to five years, or other forms of pledges.

Our plan is to break ground on the competition gymnasium once sufficient funds are pledged or donated to cover its cost of construction, with construction of the secondary facility and renovation of the current secondary campus for elementary use to follow at the pace that capital pledges allow.

With a successful Campaign, construction on the gymnasium could begin as early as Summer 2016, taking approximately 12 months to completion.

>> Why now?

Harris County Precinct Four is growing, with all demographic data pointing to sustained growth for the foreseeable future.  The Board of Trustees has resolved to “build upon success” and grow where we are to meet these future needs.

>> How big does Northland plan to be? How many students?

As per the “2020 Plan: The Next Five Years,” we plan to grow the School from approximately 685 students to approximately 800 students over the next five years; this plan is already underway.

An 800-student campus is the ideal size to enable us to:

  • Offer a complete range of academic, athletic, student leadership, fine arts, and spiritual growth opportunities for our students
  • Operate within a sustainable financial model
  • And, still retain our current “small town” feel and focus on the individual student

Because this growth is planned over a five-year period, we will also be able to plan for appropriate growth and retention of faculty/staff, and of infrastructure, in coordination with the planned student growth.

>> Does the consolidated campus help with the 2020 Plan?

Yes. The new, consolidated, facilities will be a much more attractive, secure, efficient, and supporting highest technology---greatly enhancing the “front door” in recruiting and retention, especially with the new, more welcoming secondary facility and competition gymnasium (see map).  

The new elementary campus will also be much more open and inviting than our current elementary campus, while improving security and safety measures for our younger students.  

Another significant benefit to consolidation is that family, faculty and other Northland personnel will no longer have to “shuttle” between two campuses.  Instead, we will truly be “One Family, One Campus.”  

Northland will also realize some reduced operating expenses (no rental fees for current elementary campus, reduced bus usage, other).

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