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Northland Foundation

>> What is the Northland Christian School Foundation? 

The Northland Christian School Foundation is a separate 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, with its own Board of Directors.  The Foundation’s sole purpose (as defined in its charter) is to benefit Northland Christian School.

The Foundation’s focus is long-term, major fundraising, including the Capital Campaign and Forever Fund Endowment.  All donations to the Foundation have the same tax and other benefits as donations to the School.  

>> Why have a separate Foundation?

Private schools and universities establish foundations for two primary reasons:

  1. Foundations and foundation staff focus on and have expertise in major, long-term fundraising (capital campaigns, endowments, etc.) and in working with donors
  2. Because foundations are legally separate entities, assets held by a foundation (endowment, other), are not at risk in cases of “nuisance lawsuits” or any other legal actions that may be taken against the parent school

>> How do the Foundation and the School coordinate their efforts?

The Foundation raises funds on behalf of the School, and to meet the fundraising needs as endorsed by the Board of Trustees and through the Head of School.  

The Executive Director of the Foundation reports to the Head of School, and the Head of School (and some School Trustees) are Members of the Foundation Board of Directors to facilitate close communication and coordination between Foundation and School.

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