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Three Year Olds

Program Overview

In our three year old classes, the teachers provide activities to help them become more independent. Three year olds are very inquisitive and eager to learn. Activities are provided to help these little ones investigate, explore and discover everyday life experiences as they begin their academic journey.

Social /Emotional Development

Encourage appropriate self-help skills

  • Walk into classroom by themselves
  • Put bag and lunch away 
  • Wash hands by themselves
  • Clean up after snack and lunch and put lunchbox away 
  • Uses words to express what they want or need 
  • Dresses themselves
  • Cleans up toys
  • Follows simple two to three-step commands

Encourage moral behavior/develop respect for others and for property

  • Uses please and thank you
  • Uses kind hands and words
  • Learns to share and take turns
  • Plays spontaneously with two or three children in a group

Physical Development

Fine Motor Skills

  • Puzzles
  • Sorting objects with tweezers and tongs
  • Sensory exercises
  • Crayon held correctly
  • Scissors held correctly, cutting straight and curvy lines
  • Builds structures with blocks

Large Motor Skills

  • Throws a ball overhead
  • Catches a small bean bag or ball
  • Walks up steps, alternating feet
  • Walks on tiptoes
  • Jumps in place

Intellectual Development

Correct grammar is modeled
Pays attention to stories for approximately 10 minutes
Tells a story in sequence
Matches objects to pictures
Repeats simple rhymes
Uses plurals
Names primary colors
Knows family names
Math skills are taught

  • Position words such as on/off, in/out, top/bottom, etc.
  • Shapes
  • Recognizes numbers 0-10
  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Matches circles and squares and other shapes
  • Counts to 10
  • Understands the concept of “1”

Learn the Pledge of Allegiance

Curriculum – Harcourt Pre-K Language Arts Curriculum

  • Weekly themes 
  • Weekly Bible stories
  • Recognize upper-case alphabet
  • Colors
  • Spanish
  • Computers
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