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Four Year Olds

Program Overview

In the four year old classes, teachers are preparing them for their first year of formal education.  A variety of learning experiences enable students to expand their social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development.  

Social/Emotional Development

Encourage appropriate self-help skills

  • Shares materials and toys with others
  • Can follow two to three step commands
  • Can contribute to classroom discussions
  • Understands same and different
  • Can walk in a line quietly with control
  • Can pay attention to a  story for 10 minutes
  • Can use restroom independently including washing hands without reminders
  • Attentive during circle time activities or when receiving instructions
  • Completes work within a reasonable amount of time
  • Participates with effort in art and other activities
  • Cleans up after self

Encourage moral behavior/develop respect for others and for property

  • Listens while others speak
  • Takes care of materials
  • Uses please and thank you
  • Use kind hands and words
  • Learns to share and take turns
  • Plays in group settings 
  • Learns problem-solving skills

Physical Development

Fine Motor Skills

  • Uses correct tripod pencil grip
  • Traces lines accurately and with control
  • Uses a pencil with control
  • Can write and spell first name (first capital and the rest lower case)
  • Can use scissors correctly cutting straight and curvy lines
  • Can color in the lines and uses a variety of different colors
  • Can master 25 to 30 piece puzzles

Large Motor Skills

  • Can tip-toe, hop on one foot, balance on one foot
  • Catch a bean bag or ball
  • Can follow along and participate in music and movement activities
  • Can put on and take off clothing
  • Walk up and down steps using alternating feet

Intellectual Development

Correct grammar is modeled 

Reading Readiness/Alphabet

  • Speech is understandable
  • Identifies rhyming words 
  • Identifies opposites
  • Can tell and re-tell simple stories in sequence
  • Can recognize capital and lowercase letters
  • Knows the sounds of most letters
  • Listens for sounds at the beginning and ending of words

Math Concepts

  • Counts by rote to at least 30
  • Counts sets of objects and matches numerals to sets
  • Recognizes number 1-20
  • Correctly writes numbers 1-10 and can identify these numbers in random order
  • Can match objects one to one
  • Can classify objects (type/color)
  • Can create simple patterns (AB) and can recognize and complete complex patterns (AAB, ABB, ABC)
  • Recognizes and produces basic shapes (circle, oval, triangle, square and rectangle)
  • Recognizes position words/ordinals
  • Recognizes penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar

Curriculum – Houghton-Mifflin Pre-K Language Arts Curriculum

  • Weekly themes
  • Weekly Bible stories
  • Sign Language
  • Learns the Pledge of Allegiance, the Texas Pledge and Pledge to the Bible
  • Computers
  • Chapel
  • Art
    • Identifies the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, white, black, gray, and brown
    • Can color in the lines and uses a variety of different colors
    • Puts forth the best effort on art projects
    • Takes care of materials
    • Can draw a person with a face, arms and legs
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