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Dress Code Overview - Secondary

Dress Code and Grooming

A person's character and relationship with God are reflected in all aspects of his/her life (including dress). Christians should especially be sensitive to MODESTY and appropriateness in attire. Sometimes, even Christian young people can be caught up in styles that represent philosophies and lifestyles that are not Christ-like. Therefore, we choose to require specific uniforms for all students enrolled in Northland. These uniforms must be purchased in the Northland Cougar Store on the secondary campus. Detailed, specific uniform requirements are explained below. Additionally, please note the following:

SCHOOL SPONSORED EVENTS - Northland students are expected to maintain standards of cleanliness, modesty, neatness, and good taste both on campus and when attending school events off campus. Dress code for all extracurricular activities prohibits the wearing of short shorts and the exposure of any midriff skin. On UNIFORM FREE DAYS, no spaghetti strap tops, tank tops, see-through jerseys, muscle shirts, t-shirts with inappropriate advertising or short shorts will be allowed.

DRESS CODE ENFORCEMENT - All dress code policies will be in effect during official school hours and on the entire campus (activity classes or special theme days will be the only exceptions). While it is understood that school events (such as athletic contests) are traditionally less formal in dress standards, Northland reserves the right to address (and punish if necessary) dress code extremes that are exhibited at Northland sponsored events.

PARENTS are expected to model modest and appropriate dress while on the campuses of Northland. Our children live what they learn from us.  It is the responsibility of adults to lead by example in these important areas.

Students at Northland are required to adhere to a dress code. The dress code accomplishes two things. First, it eliminates clothes as a popularity contest. There are no individuals getting attention from their peers for wearing an outrageous t-shirt, and there are no fashion trends to keep up with. Second, the dress code is designed to instill a sense of self-confidence. If you look good, you feel good. The school offers numerous outlets for individual expression – sports, music and art – but clothing is not one of them. 

All students at the secondary campus must wear the school uniform every day, unless instructed by a teacher or administration to dress differently because of a special event or field trip. The purpose of the uniform code is to classify a standard of appearance that will encourage our students to bring glory to God (I Cor. 10:31). The uniform code is not intended to measure spirituality, but to serve as a tool to create an atmosphere free from distraction.

There are several other important reasons why a uniform is required at Northland:

  • Safety: Visitors on campus are noticed and students are more easily monitored on field trips
  • Economy measure for parents
  • Enhance school spirit
  • De-emphasize outward appearance and stress in its place the need for inner beauty and character development
  • Discipline: Teachers and administrators at NCS believe students are more self-controlled when in uniform

All Northland dress code and uniform requirements are to be followed during the school day and on all school trips such as athletic events, literary meets, and field trips where students represent Northland. Uniform items must be purchased through the Cougar Store located in Building 1 on the Secondary Campus, 4363 Sylvanfield, 281-587-6416.  

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