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Kick-off Dinner & Celebration


We have had to do a last minute change of venue for the senior party.  The weather is supposed to get really bad and parents are worried about kids driving to Chappell Hill.

We have relocated our party to the Lanier gym in hopes that parents will feel a lot better about their kids attending! We are keeping everything the same except the location!

The Laniers live at 13704 Falba, off of Cutten Rd. The gym is located at the end of their street, on the left, so you can park on the driveway that goes to the gym or on Falba, if needed. Please be aware of the Laniers' neighbors while parking on the street. 

The time is the same, 7:00-10:00pm, and the Class of 2017, plus parents/guardians are invited. Hosted by your senior officers.  Please RSVP to

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