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Northland art students competed in Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE)

The annual regional VASE (Visual Art Scholastic Event) took place at Klein Collins in February. At this event, students are placed in a 1-on-1 interview with a juror who asks specific questions about the work they created. This is a really great opportunity for each student to be able to speak about their artwork intelligently with other professionals.

A rating of 1-4 (lowest to highest) is then given to each artwork based on the interview. These students have tirelessly worked on their artwork for months in order to excel at Northland's first regional VASE showing. 

  • There were 1989 student entries.
  • 128 works advanced to state VASE.
  • Northland entered five entries from three students (Annie Durbaca, Sebastian Giep, and Zhu Lei)
  • All five artworks scored a 4.
  • Annie Durbaca and Zhu Lei advanced to the State event which will be held in late April.

Northland entries:

Annie Durbaca
Unblinded (entry advanced to state)
mixed media on paper

    Annie Durbaca 
    Look Through the Eyes of the Child
    oil on panel

    Zhu Lei
    To My Awaiting Home (advanced to state)
    oil on panel

    Dinner Choices, Take it or leave it
    oil on panel

    Sebastian Giep
    graphite on paper

    Congratulations to HS art teacher Kyle Rogers and his talented students!

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