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Spiritual Renewal Day 2017 was Amazing!

Wednesday, February 15th, was our annual Spiritual Renewal Day.
What an amazing day it was!

As one of our high school students described to me, the atmosphere at Spiritual Renewal Day was "magnetic". Combining both campuses for the morning provided a deep sense of community for both students and faculty as we worshiped, served, and played together. The afternoon sessions on elementary and secondary campuses were filled with God's Spirit and honored the time we intentionally set aside for this day of spiritual focus. I would like give special thanks to Amy McCathran, Tonja Norwood, and our Student Council, for their partnership and hard work to help make every aspect of this day excellent. 

The theme yesterday from 1 John 4:4 was: 

"Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world." (ESV)

As we reflect on this day and beyond, let us remember our mission and purpose of Northland. Let us also be reminded the importance of the divine opportunity we have been given to be THE LIGHT OF CHRIST in our community for those seeking a different school and environment for their family. God has provided an open door and we have an obligation as followers of Christ to share this story. We must continue to communicate in everything we do at Northland how a relationship with Christ and a lifestyle rooted in His Word will provide the only true joy and changed life we could hope for. This "magnetic" effect is how the Holy Spirit changes our own lives and those around us in this community. This is a great gift and one we must continue to make the top priority as we faithfully honor God in what He has given everyone that is part of the Northland community. If we stay obedient to this calling, we will faithfully receive His blessings and His favor. The time is now.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve.
Godly. Effective. Excellent.

Jeff Rogers, Director of Spiritual Life

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