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Extraordinary eclipse enjoyed at secondary campus


Today, secondary students were treated to a phenomenon - a view of the solar eclipse. Thanks to a generous parent, each student was provided with a pair of certified solar glasses which allowed students to view the solar eclipse. 

Students were dismissed by grade to gather in a room where the eclipse was being live streamed. They were each given a pair of solar glasses and instructions on what to do once outside. Once the students were outside, they were instructed to look at the ground while placing their glass on and then up at the sun. 

At first, due to cloud cover, the eclipse was not visible. However, the clouds cleared and allowed a spectacular view of the the moon covering the sun to all the students who participated.

Following the viewing, the PTO treated all students and staff to popsicles and water before heading back to class.

The next solar eclipse will occur April 8, 2024 and Texas will be in the Zone of Totality - our 6th graders will also be seniors!

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