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Varsity/JV Team

This year is a “season of destiny” for the Cougars in more ways than one. For the first time in years, we have a “mature” team with 18 senior football players returning.  In the past two seasons, this group as sophomores and juniors has been very instrumental in putting together an impressive 19-7 record with two appearances in the playoffs. Additionally, the junior class has been making many significant contributions towards the success of our team on and off of the field. They have fought, cried, won, and lost… together. This battle-forged bond makes us a serious contender for the state title this season… our destiny.

Additionally, our destiny falls in line with the Northland Christian Athletics mission of “Victory Forever”. Our young men will continue to be trained in the tenets of selflessness, humility, discipline, and perseverance so they will always be winners on the field, in life, and for eternity. It has been said that football doesn’t build character; it reveals character. May our character always show that we do everything With God, With Effort, For Others… Plus One! (Matthew 5:41)


Northland Christian School: Truth Forever • Victory Forever • Glorifying God Forever