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Secondary Checklist


  1. Complete an Application for Admission
    Return it to the Admissions Office with a check for $150 per student. This fee is non-refundable. The application and fee should be accompanied by report cards (previous two years plus current grades), immunization records, birth certificate, social security card and standardized test scores. Note: High School students need to also include an unofficial transcript. 
    >> DOWNLOAD Application for Admission 

  2. Complete a Student Background Survey Form
    This document should be returned to the Admissions Office with the application.  
    >> DOWNLOAD Secondary Background Survey Form

  3. Complete Confidential Reference Forms
    Give Confidential Reference Forms to three (3) classroom teachers: math, English and science from the current school year. Give Confidential Character Recommendation Form to someone who has known student for at least one year. (Be sure to complete the applicant's section of each form). These recommendations must be mailed directly to Northland by the referring person or faxed to the Northland Office of Admissions at (281) 440-7572. 
    >> DOWNLOAD Confidential Math Recommendation Form 
    >> DOWNLOAD Confidential English Recommendation Form 
    >> DOWNLOAD Confidential Science Recommendation Form 
    >> DOWNLOAD Confidential Character Recommendation Form 

  4. Entrance Testing and Entrance Interview
    Upon completion of steps 1-3, the Admissions Office will contact the applicant to schedule testing and an entrance interview with the appropriate school official. 

  5. Admission Decision
    Acceptance into Northland Christian School will be determined by the appropriate Admissions Committee based upon the entrance interview, test results, references, behavioral history and academic profile. Notification of acceptance or denial will be by mail. If accepted, enrollment information will be included with the acceptance letter.


Notice of Non-Discrimination

Northland Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin regarding policies, educational offerings, financial assistance programs, athletic programs, or other school-sponsored activities. 

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