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Board of Trustees

John England

Occupation: Partner and U.S. Oil & Gas Leader - Deloitte LLP
Church Affiliation: Kinsman Lutheran
Northland Association: Since 2003

What Northland means to me:
Northland provides a great, Christian environment where kids can learn, pray and grow together.  The faculty and staff really care about the kids and the kids learn to care about each other. We’re blessed to be part of the Northland family!

Rocky Gay, PhD

Occupation: Safety and Operational Risk-Upstream, BP
Church Affiliation: Faithbridge Church
Northland Association: Since 2013

What Northland means to me:
Northland is answered prayer to my family and me. My wife and I take education seriously and have tried almost every type: public schools, private schools, Department of Defense Schools, and home-schooled, as we traveled extensively in the military. We did a lot of praying and research before we chose Northland. We found what we were looking for academically, spiritually and athletically with excellent programs run by leaders who really care about developing students to glorify the Lord in all things. We immediately felt accepted and welcome at Northland. The staff and faculty as well as the parents have really made our time at Northland a genuine blessing.

Lloyd Hajdik

Occupation: EVP and CFO
Oil States International, Inc.
Church Affiliation: Champion Forest Baptist Church
Northland Association: Since 2011

What Northland means to me:
Northland's top quality academics and extracurricular activities administered in a Christian environment have made a lasting and positive impact on our family. It's such a blessing to raise up your children in an environment that will prepare them to meet life's challenges and become leaders in our society.

Jeff Ingram

Occupation: SVP of Managed CareApria Healthcare
Church Affiliation: John Wesley United Methodist Church
Northland Association: Since 2008

What Northland means to me: Northland is a school where I know my children can be exposed to a Christian environment with great teachers and supportive, solid group of families. After 6 years so far, we have had a fantastic experience and look forward to many more.

Kent Lamb

Occupation: Chief Financial Officer of the Manhattan Insurance Group
Church Affiliation: Houston First Church of the Nazarene
Northland Association: Since 2001

What Northland means to me: Clearly the best school on the face of the earth. The coaches are amazing!! The teachers are fabulous!! The booster club is energetic!! The school board has the most amazing people I have ever met serving on the board!! Dan Woods is the best in the business. Coach Nelson is the best football coach in the business. These folks all shape my son's life, and mine and allow us to be the best we can be. 

Becky Lanier

Occupation: Retired attorney
Church Affiliation: Champion Forest Baptist Church
Northland Association: Since 1997

What Northland means to me: With five kids, my husband and I are entering our 19th year as a Northland family. Before finding Northland, we tried other schools, public and private around Houston. Once we found the solid academics and strong Christian environment unique to Northland, we made it our home. From the nurturing start in the preschool program to the careful direction for college placement, Northland has led my children to become the educated and compassionate people of character they are today. 

Rod Leis

Occupation: Retired: ExxonMobil International Human Resources Manager (32 years)
Retired: Captain US Coast Guard Reserve (28 years)
Church Affiliation: St. Dunstan's
Northland Association: Since 2005

What Northland means to me: Northland provides our students with one of the highest value education experiences in Houston, surrounded by caring parents and nurturing teachers who pursue excellence in a Christian environment. Our focus is Forever Preparation -- creating great future college students, citizens, parents, and leaders who will make a difference in our world.

Dr. Guy Lewis

Occupation: Cosmetic Dentist, Texas Center for Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry
Church Affiliation: Bammel Church of Christ
Northland Association: 24 years on Northland board, 23 years of children at the school

What Northland means to me: Northland has been instrumental in shaping my children into well adjusted, highly educated, well-rounded Christian men and women of good judgment, character, and compassion. There is nothing more a parent could ask from a school. Holly and I have also benefitted from our association with the "Northland Family" through life-long friendships and a sense of community that feels like home.

Ada Petro

Occupation: Wife, Mother, Grandmother
Church Affiliation: Champion Forest Baptist Church
Northland Association: Since 2004

What Northland means to me
Northland's welcoming, accepting environment made it easy for my husband and me as parents to entrust the educational and spiritual development of our daughter with the faculty and staff. The special young lady she has become is in no small part due to the constant encouragement she received at Northland to question, challenge, and improve herself and to make a difference in the world. I'm seeing the same growth in my three grandchildren who are current Northland students. 

Dale Quisenberry

Occupation: Partner, Polasek, Quisenberry & Errington, LLP
Church Affiliation: Champion Forest Baptist Church
Northland Association: Since 2008

What Northland means to me:
Northland was our first choice for a private school education for our son. After 7 years, we are still very happy with that choice! From the top-notch college preparatory education, to an outstanding prayerful faculty and staff, we are blessed to be a part of the Northland family. We look forward to seeing how God continues to grow Northland! 

Patrick White

Occupation: Account Executive - LSI Industries
Church Affiliation: Faithbridge
Northland Association: Since 2004

What Northland means to me
Preparing students for college and career is only a part of the Northland mission. There is so much more to the development of young people that Northland provides. A Christian perspective in a Christian community gives our students something much more valuable than a worldly mission – it’s VICTORY FOREVER!






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